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Apply before 13th March, 2021 and get
flat 75% discount (Rs. 750 /-) on Registration Fees.

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Apply before 31st of January, 2021 and get 50% discount on Registration fees in each category.

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What We Do

There are only two ways to get a best job :

  1. Seeing so many vacancy related advertisements in various newspapers and then applying for the post.

    After that, preparation for qualifying in written exam and then interview for successful candidates is simply a very lengthy and time killing process. May be, it will take a few months or more than a year.

  2. Or

  3. Just register your name in and fulfill some terms and conditions.


    In this age of competition, just stay two steps ahead of your competitor.

There is no need to apply for one after another job. You can get direct chance for an interview one by one according to your merit and their ( our Associate Business Partners ) needs.

To fulfil their requirement, our Associate Business Partners will directly search fittest applicants from our Database.

They will also be responsible to inform ( their preferred candidates ) tentative date, time and venue for traditional Face to Face interview.

Or mention date and time for App based ( Online Video ) interview through WhatsApp / e-mail in advance.

In India, this unique opportunity ( " No written exam. Only interview " ) was firstly offered by a world famous Multinational cum Indian Information Technology Firm.

Most probably, we are the SECOND to provide you such an offer.

To verify your merit and confidence, B.Q.T ( Best Qualifier Test ) through traditional Face to Face Interview or App based ( Online Video ) interview is required.

( Register before 13th march and get flat 75% Discount (Rs. 750 /-) on Registration Fees )

Registration fees : Rs. 1,000 /- Rs. 250 /- (till 13th March)

Biodata uploading charge : Rs. 250 /-

In total = Rs. 500 /-

Validity : 1 year.

Other benefits :

  • From 14th of March 2021, registration fees will be Rs. 1,000. But there is no need to pay Registration Fees and Biodata Uploading Charge at a time. You may pay Biodata Uploading Charge within a month from the date of registration.
  • You may add your latest qualification in every 3 months. That means, maximum 3 times till the end of the validity.
  • You may upgrade your selection of preferred category ( From C to B / A or From B to A ) within 3 months from the date of Registration.

After payment, we will verify your details and then upload your Name, Registration Number and Photo in our website shortly.

But your other personal information ( mentioned in your Biodata ) will not be disclosed to common viewers.

Service Charge :

Only after receiving Appointment Letter, Service Charge of

Rs. 15,000 + Tax ( for Category A ) /

Rs. 10,000 + Tax ( for Category B ) /

Rs. 5,000 + Tax ( for Category C ) is required in return of our service.

You may pay Service Charge within 3 months from the date of joining in your job.

To assure payment of Service Charge in time, a PDC ( Post Dated Cheque ) is required in this regard.

Packages We Offer

Category A

25,000 or Above

Category B

15,000 to 24,999

Category C

10,000 to 14,999